I help transform hard working individuals daily hectic lives, into a blissful hub of organised graft, because that’s what I’m great at!

Hi I'm Samina, the CEO & Owner of Reach - Your Virtual Assistance. I help transform hardworking individuals’ daily hectic lives, into a blissful hub of organised graft!

But let me rewind a little bit here….

I am a former Corporate Personal Assistant, now turned Virtual Assistant equipped with vast knowledge and intellect devoured from years of working across companies, sectors, functions and self-upgrading along the way.

I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of a Maverick really, never at peace with just the ‘status quo’ and continuously yearning for interactive and creative fulfilment, not to say that I don’t hold the traditional values as a PA but over time this is what has lit the fire beneath everything I am doing and has enabled me to launch my venture today.

I've gained excellent tools along the way that are required to be a Virtual Assistant and allowed me to provide a world class service to many entrepreneurs…. Just think of me as a due diligence now!

I only have one belief in life and that is to Work Easy & Effectively but LIVE HARD!

If I’m relating to you remotely in anyway and can be of assistance, then do contact me and get in touch – I’d love to see how we can collaborate to make your life professionally and personally easier.

Not ready to talk? – then look at what I can take over for you so you can focus on YOU -  Trust me this is what I’m good at!

All the best.