10 important tips for working with a VA

It doesn’t matter where your VA is based – a quality VA can do a great job from the other side of the world if they want to, but maybe as a Business Owner you need to be more mindful when working with a VA – it’s not as if they are employees of your company. Here are 10 tips for working alongside a quality VA to ensure a smooth running relationship in your business and your life!

#1      NEVER – Ever try to micromanage a VA – this will not go well…. VA’s like to work on their own, that’s what they are about – respect that!

#2      CLIENTS – I’ve already mentioned that they are not employees – make sure you don’t forget that…. treat them as an independent client that’s providing you a service too.

#3     MAKE THEM PART OF YOUR TEAM – A Good VA will always have your back and have your business’ best interest at heart. You should make them part of your team, it will enhance productivity.

#4      CLEAR EXPECTATIONS – Be clear about your expectations – make sure your VA understands what it is you require from them – they aren’t mind readers so they cannot fill in the gaps themselves – this will save you so much time, headaches and money. Having clear expectations also stops you from getting frustrated when you hand them a task that may be beyond their skillset too (how would you know if you never asked!)

#5      DON’T BE AN OGRE! – Of course they understand this is your business and they may not work your way but it still works – its all about getting used to working together and if they make mistakes – use these mistakes as a learning platform to either pick up tricks yourself that you weren’t aware of or help your VA to understand your way of working…perhaps you didn’t explain this clearly – now’s your opportunity. They will thank you for it.

#6      FEEDBACK – You can’t always praise and give feedback to your VA but praise does go a long way (more than you realise and more than money can buy sometimes). Let them know if they are good – another reason for feedback is for awareness such as when they are doing the tasks wrong or not in the way you want, they will automatically think it’s correct because you haven’t told them otherwise.

#7      PAY A GOOD RATE – if you feel you are getting a bargain or that your VA is charging a very small amount for the work they are doing for you, be careful, chances are that they may not have the specified skillset that you require for your business and work…. this could lead to a long narrow path to DOOM!

#8      LONG TERM INVESTMENT –  Once you’ve found that golden VA – the last thing you want to do is lose them. Invest in your VA, there might be an area that neither of you are extremely skilful at, but you trust your VA more than yourself, that maybe investing in their training would become a long-term investment for you, rather than recruiting another specialist to do the job. This value will most definitely outweigh the cost of the training itself.

#9     SLOWLY BUT SURELY – Don’t rush to hand over every single task in one go….try a few tasks at a time and slowly and steadily increase the workflow…that way you will both feel the impact and difference in so many different ways! Make sure you are there to answer all the questions that they may have initially rather than just handing over.

#10   RESPECT YOUR VA – They have tons of knowledge they can pass on – you can even both sit and share ideas virtually.

I’m the kind of VA that takes pride in my integrity, therefore I am upfront about anything I’m not comfortable with, this makes my working relationships so much easier as (going to #4) our expectations are both very clear. I am also willing and eager to try new ideas, tasks that could benefit both of us

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