Top tips and advice on hiring a VA

Hiring a VA is one of the most important things you could do for your business. The Biggest fear that most entrepreneurs experience when it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant and a lot of the uncertainty probably lies under some of the following questions:

  1. Will I communicate effectively with someone remotely?
  2. How am I able to see what I have asked them to do?
  3. How much money do I REALLY have to spend?

We all know how VA’s can change your life and what benefits they bring you and your business,

So what should you remember when searching for YOUR virtual assistant?

Here’s a few tips that can answer your questions and guide you when searching and hiring a QUALITY Virtual Assistant:

#1 Be Clear with what it is you want – I’m afraid us VA’s are not psychic. The more specific you are with your requirements the better.

#2 Pay for Quality – After all great work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t great!

#3 Make sure they understand and take an interest in your Business – They are working on your behalf, it’s the least they can do and a good VA would be willing to do so too.

#4 Communicate & Don’t rush in! – Allow time for you and your VA to work out how each other operate before handing everything over, at least that way you get a true image of how they are handling your admin.

#5 Ask for Recommendations – If they are really as good as they say they are, their recommendations and testimonials will reflect this and they should have no qualms in showing you.

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