What are you struggling with as a Business Owner?

Trying to multitask and manage all aspects of your business and at the same time trying to keep your head afloat only makes you less productive. You try to block out the time to do the tasks but something else always takes over and then you’ve missed that slot too, the list of ‘things to do’ just keeps growing, such as the number of meetings your managing everyday, or your business is growing and you just need someone to overlook the smaller details while you go grab the big bucks.

Every business owner/ entrepreneur has the responsibility of dealing with their own struggles and problems and finding their own solutions too but:

What are your specific struggles?

How do you combat them?

Maybe the answer to these questions are a lot easier than you think – It’s the way of the world, you have a problem you SOLVE it!

Let’s look at some of the specific struggles in more depth and how you should combat them (all at the same time!):

  • Lack of Time

Your inputting so much man-time into your business that you don’t have time for anything else – that said, it would have been great if you were injecting this time into creating core business and income but you’re NOT even doing that, instead it’s on all the time-consuming tasks that are having zero impact on the business which is causing you to burnout and stress further!

Solution: outsource your work and become super organised and that way you will give yourself so much time even you won’t know what to do with it.

  • Finding quality help

Are you one of those people who thinks that you MUST do everything yourself? Maybe you’re a perfectionist? Or even a bit of a control freak and feel helpless when you don’t have control of what’s going on around you or maybe you just asked someone for help occasionally but get frustrated because they take so long to action the tasks or the work is not done to your standards and you end up doing everything yourself anyway, wasting more of that valuable time that you never had in the first place!

Solution:  Here’s the thing – you CAN’T do it all by yourself! Get the help you need – it’s high time you admit this. Do your research and look for specialists who are good at remote help and can offer you solutions to help with your business, by taking some of the load off you.

  • Having a Work Life Balance

The daily grind is real – you’re striving for perfection with your business, but you cannot remember the last time you truly let go and enjoyed yourself, your relationship is struggling because you’re always on your phone and your personal and professional space is simply a mess. Getting your work life balance is crucial as an entrepreneur/business owner because otherwise you would be in danger of burnout and well frankly speaking … you are no good to YOUR business if you are too unwell to run it!

Solution: Delegate your work! Which will ensure that you will no longer need to spend that extra time on your phone or allow work to cut into your personal time.

  • To become organised

Stacks of paperwork, emails, invoices…so much to sort out, but because you have none of that precious essence of time you let things slide and well now your so frazzled you can’t even remember what day it is to meet that client! …. if only you had a VA..

Solution: Maybe it’s time to get used to the idea of automating your business and try eliminate tasks that are not that important and delegate the rest to a professional who LOVES  doing this as a living.

  • Your health & fitness

Wishing you could go to the gym? Or at least have the time to ensure you’re on a balanced diet to look after your health condition? Maybe you just prefer to stay fit but the crazy hours and lifestyle do not permit you to lead a consistent life.

Solution: Just remember VA’s are an investment not an expense, especially if it impacts positively on your health & lifestyle too.

  • Delegating tasks to someone which is causing more stress

You’ve been here before where you’ve outsourced work, you’ve been burnt before because the quality was not as good as you hoped and you’ve learnt your lesson that nobody can ever be trusted again with anything…

Solution: Come on! Not all of us are the same – there are some very high quality VA’s out there who are more than competent to take on your stresses with their professional skillset and give you back the time you need to recuperate. Try to eliminate tasks that are not necessary and would only hurt your pocket, pay for what you actually need help on. As Tim Ferriss says: “Never automate something that can be eliminated”.

  • Social Media Impact

Social media has come with a boom to the internet, and in recent years this platform has reached a level of madness only us bloggers and experts will ever understand.  Does this overwhelm you? Knowing that you need this platform for your business too but don’t have time to go for it or the thinking cap for content? As with anything if you put time and effort in, everything flourishes

Solution: Outsource to a professional….there really is no other solution for this – you only have 24 hours in a day! Save it for the fun and rewarding things in life.

  • Trusting People

You may have already thought about delegating your tasks by hiring a Virtual Assistant, you even justified the cost. But then you thought NO! can I trust them with my business?

Solution: Check out their virtual assistant websites, READ their testimonials, it says a lot about the VA even if they aren’t saying it! Also, look at their LinkedIn page and their recommendations pages – it helps to see the kind of VA they are and whether they would suit you and your business…after all that’s all that matters, right?

Get them to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) – it will give you that peace of mind that your information is safe and sound when you hand it over, if they are really efficient they will already have one of those in place…(just saying!)

I am an Executive Virtual Assistant and have provided global support for many years, here’s a link to my website testimonials so you can see me for who I am.